Meal Preparation & Grocery Shopping Services

Are you or a loved one missing meals? Are they losing bodyweight?

Have you noticed their depression getting worse? Has your depression gotten worse due to poor nutrition? 

We’re here to solve all those problems.

Meal Preparation

Everyone should have the ability to eat a balanced meal and maintain the nutritional plan that the doctor prescribes. Sometimes you need assistance though. That’s where our meal preparation services come in.

We cook the meals as well as bring the prepared meals out of the fridge to a loved one when they aren’t able to. This ensures that they are getting the proper nutrition and have company the whole time.

Grocery Shopping

Sometimes loved ones miss going to the grocery store and miss the process of shopping for their food. That’s where our grocery shopping services come in. This service allows them to maintain their independence while keeping them safe at the same time. 

Grocery Delivery

You also have the option to preorder the groceries, then have a caregiver deliver the groceries to your home (this service must be scheduled regularly). 

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