Companionship Services

Has you or your loved one needed to have a lot of hospital visits lately? Are you worried that they may wander and not be found? But they would like to still live in their homes and aren’t ready for a nursing home yet?

We have a solution for you -- our Companionship Services.

One of our flagship services is providing companionship for your loved ones when you are busy. We give extra support, are there for fall prevention, and give nutritional guidance to ensure they maintain their nutritional needs.

Our companion aids will be able to get your loved one started with their day, help them get out of bed, help with dressing, prepare breakfast, clean up, keep routines, assist with bath time, make sure dinner is prepped, the stove is off, and much more. 

We also provide Dementia care — we love to play games to keep them active and keep their brains engaged. It also includes; stimulating conversations, field trips, and lunch dates. 

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